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"In a word, terrific" - Lowest Price:
2016 D'Angerville Volnay 1er Cru Clos des Ducs Magnums

"While d'Angerville rarely misses, I was particularly taken with the quality I found here; indeed the word classic would aptly describe their 2016s." We have to agree with Burghound. This is simply a stunning collection of wines.

Under-The-Radar, For Now - 2017 White Burg Stunner:
2017 Génot-Boulanger Meursault 1er Cru Les Bouchères

Génot-Boulanger has become a pillar of the store. In 2017, they hit a new level that demanded an offering. When you factor in price and complexity, the Meursault 1er Cru Les Bouchères is the star of Génot-Boulanger's 2017 lineup. 

Ramonet In Top Form - Revisited:
2017 Ramonet Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Ruchottes

Ramonet's Ruchottes overachieves to such an extent that it can compete with many Grand Crus. In 2008, Allen Meadows tasted a 1978 that was in great shape. Ruchottes is dense and tactile with a sleek chiseled minerality and a soaring tension that is Ramonet's signature. It's a wine that is ruthlessly focused with a gripping concentration.

Burgundy As It Should Be - Revisited:
2017 Jouan Chambolle-Musigny

Few producers capture my imagination like Jouan. His wines are some of the most mysterious, beautiful, and subtle Burgundies I know.

White Burgundy - 1993-2017:
Coche-Dury, Dauvissat, Lafon, Raveneau, Roulot & Much More

Last week, I put together a long red Burgundy offering. Today, I put together a similarly sized list of white Burgundies.

I tried to highlight Burgundy's many top white producers ranging from Dauvissat and Raveneau to Coche, Lafon, and Roulot.

“Textbook Charmes" - Lowest Price:
2016 Bertheau Chambolle-Musigny 1er Charmes

Bertheau's wines are personal favorites. They exemplify how graceful and pure Burgundy can be. Sadly, it's a small domaine, and finding the wines has become challenging. It's been almost two years since I've been able to offer the wines.

"I found the quality of the Carillon 2017s to be generally excellent"
- 2017 Carillon Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Perrières

Carillon's are some of our favorite white Burgundies. As Burghound makes clear, their 2017s are great.

Back-Vintage Grand Cru - 0.23ha:
1996 Drouhin Bonnes-Mares

Drouhin's lineup is dizzying in its breadth. The Bonnes-Mares is one of the greatest, and with a 0.23ha parcel, one of the most elusive.

"A gorgeous combination of finesse and class. Marvelous"
- 2017 Roulot Meursault 1er Cru Clos des Bouchères

In 2017, Roulot took things to another level. The collection dazzles, reaching a point that flirts with perfection.

Eye-Opening Burgundy - Refinement and Value:
2017 Fornerol Côte de Nuits Rouge

It's rare for Burgundies to nail the combination of deliciousness, rigor, and affordability like Fornerol's Côte de Nuits Villages does. The wines are simply shocking in this regard. This is one of the more eye-opening and irresistible everyday Burgundies that I've tasted.

Red Burgundy 1996-2018:
D'Angerville, Fourrier, Lafarge, Mugneret-Gibourg, Roumier, Rousseau & More

It's been a couple of months since I've put together a long list of red Burgundy. I'm very happy to return to it today with a long list of recent purchases and a wide cast of favorites.

Burgundy Royalty - Revisited: 2017 Maison Leroy Bourgogne Blanc

The wines of Lalou Bize-Leroy respect no boundaries. Wherever you turn, the wines leave you astonished.

"Sleek, intense and well-detailed”
- 2016 Berthaut-Gerbet Vosne-Romanée

Since her first vintage in 2013, Amélie Berthaut has been making waves in Burgundy. At just 25 years old, Amélie started creating a lot of buzz when she took over her family’s domaine and released a line of top-quality wines from the forgotten village of Fixin. The wines were so compelling that everyone seemed to take notice.

Hitting The Bullseye - 2017 Simon Bize Savigny-les-Beaune:
1er Cru Aux Guettes, 1er Cru Les Fournaux, & 1er Cru Aux Vergelesses

If you’re after red Burgundies with stony cores, finesse, and just the right amount of wildness, then this is an essential address to know. Simon Bize makes red Burgundy exactly as we like it.

Volnay Distance Runner - Bookend Vintages:
2013 & 2015 D'Angerville Volnay 1er Cru Champans

Volnay is one of the more feminine and velvety expressions of Burgundy. With that said, the magic of Champans is the way it combines muscle and density with a gorgeous finesse. Today, I'm excited to celebrate d'Angerville's work in Champans with two radically different vintages.

"This is lovely and a classic example" - Revisited:
2017 Heitz-Lochardet Meursault 1er Cru Les Perrières

It's been fun to watch Heitz-Lochardet start to really take off. It seems like everyone I give a bottle to comes back wanting a half-dozen more.

2016 & 2017 Tribut Chablis 1er Cru Beauroy

I'll make this quick. Anytime that we offer Tribut, we brace ourselves for a quick sell out. Tribut's wines have long been aggressively hunted down by those in the know. If they haven't quite achieved the status that they deserve, it's because they tend to disappear from the market.

On Jouan and Deliciousness:
2017 Jouan Coteaux Bourguignons

Last week, we celebrated Jouan's dazzling 2017s with an offer on his Morey Clos Sorbé. Today, we trade the profundity of the Clos Sorbé for the sheer deliciousness of the Coteaux Bourguignons. In any vintage, Jouan's Coteaux Bourguignons is a wine that the staff drinks by the caseful. It's hard to argue with its liveliness and irresistible texture... And of course, it's value. 

"In a word, terrific" - 2016 D'Angerville Volnay 1er Cru Clos des Ducs

"While d'Angerville rarely misses, I was particularly taken with the quality I found here; indeed the word classic would aptly describe their 2016s." We have to agree with Burghound. This is simply a stunning collection of wines.

"Deserving of a place in any conscientiously-stocked Burgundy collection"
- 2017 Roumier Morey-Saint-Denis 1er Cru Clos de la Bussière 750s & Magnums

Roumier's 2017s are beautiful. I've been buying every bottle that I can find and sending offers whenever the opportunity presents itself. The vintage has such purity and fineness that it captures much of what I love about Roumier. In the 2017 vintage, you get an absolutely gorgeous Bussière. It possesses a vivid transparency with killer length and a firm mineral core.

Gracefulness to the Extreme Revisited:
2017 Jouan Morey St. Denis 1er Cru Clos Sorbé

Jouan's Clos Sorbé gets to the magic of the domaine like no other wine in the incredibly strong lineup does. Simply put, for us, Clos Sorbé is the star. 

A Tale Of Two Gevreys -Terrroir and Value in Burgundy:
2017 Jouan Gevrey-Chambertin "Aux Echezeaux" & 2017 Duroche Gevrey-Chambertin "Champ"

A couple of weeks ago, we offered an extensive listing of our inventory from Gevrey-Chambertin. I pulled these two wines out for their own stand-alone offer. They deserve their moment in the spotlight. The reasons are both simple and somewhat complicated in the sort of fascinating way that makes Burgundy so great.

"Snappy, delicious, complex and focused" - Lowest Price:
2017 Leflaive Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Clavoillon

Leflaive's 2017s are more than worthy successors to their amazing 2014s. For many years, Leflaive has resided at the very highest level of white Burgundy. Right there with Coche-Dury, Lafon, Roulot, and Ramonet.

0.80ha: Go-To White Burgundy:
2017 Fornerol Côte de Nuits Villages Blanc

If you asked Crush's staff what their favorite affordable white Burgundy is, Fornerol's Côte de Nuits Villages Blanc would be mentioned again and again. It's rare for Burgundies to nail the combination of deliciousness, rigor, and affordability like Fornerol's Côte de Nuits Villages does. This is a wine that has it all.

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