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"A striking combination of power and finesse" -
2014 Jamet Côte-Rôtie

There's not much that needs to be said about Jamet. The Jamet family has long been the benchmark for traditional Côte-Rôtie.

Chave Hermitage Blanc Magnums: 2011-2013

Chave's Hermitage is one of the great wines of the world. His red Hermitage assumes a looming presence, but his white is simply profound. Today, we pay homage to Chave's extraordinary Hermitage Blanc.

2014 Allemand Cornas:
Chaillots & Reynard

Not much needs to be said about Thierry Allemand.

Unembellished Greatness:
2014 Faurie Hermitage Greffieux-Bessards & Bessards-Meal

Bernard Faurie is well into sixities and still a driving force behind some of the purest expression of Hermitage that we know.

A Huge Surprise:
2008 Chave Hermitage Rouge

Chave's 2008 Hermitage takes preconceived notions and turns them on their head.

“An impressive blend of power and finesse” -
2013 Benetiere Côte-Rôtie Cordeloux

In Côte-Rôtie, Bénetière may very well be without peer in terms of balance, detail and streamlined mineral elegance.

The Other Side of Chave:
2014 Chave St. Joseph

"The 2014 St Joseph Domaine is a wine readers should buy by the case" - Jeb Dunnuck

Sharp Pricing - 2013 Guigal La La's:
La Mouline, La Landonne & La Turque

Guigal is Rhône royalty and their single-vineyard "La La's" are the justly acclaimed jewels in the crown.

A Fusion of Power and Refinement:
2014 Chave Hermitage Rouge

"This beauty has class and will evolve gracefully." - Jeb Dunnuck

Punching Above Its Weight-Class:
2015 Jamet Collines Rhodaniennes IGP

In any vintage, Jamet's Collines Rhodaniennes is a soulful quaffer of the highest order. The 2015 is something much more.

“Paris has turned out brilliant wines"
2015 Paris Cornas Granit 30

“Grab northern Rhône 2015 reds with both hands.” -Jancis Robinson The 2015 vintage will cement Vincent Paris' reputation as one of the most exciting young winemakers of the Northern Rhône.

The Essence of Cornas:
2014 Clape Cornas

For over half a century, Auguste Clape’s wines have captured so much of what's essential in Cornas. Clape’s Cornas gets to the beating heart of the appellation’s intensely dark and savory side. The wines are wildly complex and utterly compelling expressions of Cornas. 

"Paris has turned out brilliant wines"
2015 Vincent Paris Cornas La Geynale

2015 is an unmissable vintage in Cornas. Even Jancis Robinson drops her British reserve and urges wine lovers to “grab northern Rhône 2015 reds with both hands.”

Rarely Seen Bénetière
2013 Bénetière Condrieu

Today marks our second Condrieu offering since we opened.

“An impressive blend of power and finesse” -
2013 Bénetière Côte-Rôtie Cordeloux

We've been waiting for our Bénetière allocation for a long time. Lately, we've been obsessed with 2013 Northern Rhône. Côte-Rôtie seems like a sweet spot for the vintage.

A Knockout Cornas:
2013 Clape Cornas

Every time that I've come across a well-priced offer for Clape's 2013 Cornas, I've jumped on it. Today's offer represents a modestly sized parcel of the wine that I've managed to put together since our last offer in January.

The Other Side of Souhaut:
2015 Souhaut Souteronne

Over the past two months, we’ve offered out a collection of Souhaut’s 2015 Syrahs. Today, we turn our attention to Souhaut’s Gamay, La Souteronne. 

"Mineral Lift" - Shocking Cornas Value:
2014 Vincent Paris Cornas Granit 30

It's been impossible to take notice of Vincent Paris. He's one of the most talked about young winemakers in the Northern Rhône.

Don't Miss Northern Rhône:
2015 Souhaut Syrah

The smart move is to keep this offer brief. Our recent Souhaut offers have sold out quickly.

Rhône Stunner - 100 Year Old Vines 2015 Souhaut St. Joseph Sainte Epine

Last week, we offered Souhaut's 2015 St. Joseph Les Cessieux under the heading "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow." By 5pm we were allocating bottles. Souhaut makes absolutely gorgeous and insanely drinkable Northern Rhône wines. And people have clearly noticed.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: 2015 Souhaut Saint Joseph Les Cessieux

Hervé Souhaut first released a Cessieux in 2013. It immediately became a favorite. The vineyard has been in Souhaut's family for many years, but was leased out until recently.

Irresistible Northern Rhône: 2014 Jamet Collines Rhodaniennes IGP

Jamet is known for benchmark Côte Rotie, but when it comes to drinkabilty, it's their Collines Rhodaniennes we reach for.

The Other Side of Gonon: 2014 Gonon St. Joseph Blanc "Les Oliviers"

The Gonon brothers have amassed a cult following for their St. Joseph Rouge, but their St. Joseph Blanc remains much more elusive. This is the first time that we've been able to offer Gonon's Blanc. It's a very difficult wine to track down. If you look around, you'll only find a handful of listings. 

Soulfulness and Delicacy in Saint-Joseph: 2014 Gonon Saint-Joseph

What the Gonon brothers achieve on the steep granite slopes of Saint-Joseph is amazing. Appropriately, the wines have attracted a cult following. Finding authentic Northern Rhône Syrah at affordable prices is a rare thing.

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