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24 Years Young:
1992 Lauer Riesling Sekt Reserve

Lauer’s late-release sparkling Rieslings have become the stuff of legend among Crush regulars. There are few wines that showcase such a fascinating weave of maturity and freshness, of power and finesse.

2015 Dönnhoff Kabinetts
Oberhäuser Leistenberg & Kreuznacher Krötenpfuhl

Dönnhoff nailed it in 2015. The excitement over the 2015 vintage in Germany is huge. Simply put, the quality of the vintage is obvious. 

Hermannshöhle 2-Ways:
2015 Dönnhoff Hermannshöhle Spätlese
& Hermannshöhle GG

Helmut Dönnhoff says that he's only seen fruit as beautiful as it was in 2015 one other time, 1971. It's clear that word is out on 2015 Germany. People have been hitting us up with requests and buying very deep.

A Dream Brew - Revisited:
2008 Trimbach Clos Ste. Hune

Clos Ste. Hune is one of the greatest Rieslings on the planet, and one of the great wines of the world. The 2008 seems poised to be one of the most important vintages of the wine in recent history.

2015 Weingut Peter Lauer "Senior" - Historic Vintage: One of the Greatest Values

The 2015 Senior is, simply put, one of the greatest Florian Lauer has made in his 10-year career The 2015 vintage in Germany is one of the most exciting of recent memory. I'm sure that this is going to meet with a really strong response. I should warn you straight out: the wine is already sold out at the estate. It's best to jump on this now. 

Unforgettable Minerality:
2014 Beurer Riesling Stettener Pulvermächer GG

Jochen Beurer's Rieslings are a revelation. This becomes incredibly pronounced when you reach the Grosses Gewächs.

Absolutely Brilliant:
2014 Schäfer-Fröhlich Felseneck Spätlese GK

Year after year, Schäfer-Fröhlich Felseneck Spätlese Gold Capsule is one of Germany's top Spätlesen. It's one of the pinnacles of Tim Fröhlich's entire line-up. It's always one of our most popular offerings.

"One of the great Mosels of 2014"
2014 Adam Dhron In der Sangerei

We said this in a recent Adam offering, but it's worth repeating. In 2014, Adam made some of the best wines ever produced by the estate. Nearly everyone I've spoken to about 2014 Germany has mentioned how amazing Adam's line-up is. The success here is so dramatic that you immediately take notice. 

This is a picture-book Mosel Kabinett... It's a Must Buy -2014 Adam Dhroner Hofberg Kabinett

Wherever you turn, you'll hear essentially the same thing: in 2014, Adam produced some of the greatest wines in the Mosel and some of the best wines in the estate's history. I've been sitting on a bunch of Adam's 2014 Kabinett. It's a wine that's difficult to part with. It's one of the top examples of Kabinett from the vintage and simply stunning in its own right. 

Lauer Grand Cru: Completing the Trilogy – RARE!

As we just wrote, Lauer’s rare GGs are among the most coveted dry Rieslings out there. And of Lauer’s GGs, the Schonfels is the rarest. In fact, we have only a few cases to offer - a handful of bottles. Please give us your maximum order but note we will likely have to allocate.

2014 Donnhoff Hermannshöhle: Grosses Gewäch, Spätlese & Auslese Goldkapsel

Dönnhoff made shockingly good 2014s. There's a magic to the way Dönnhoff delivers such polish, such style, such gorgeous proportions. All of this comes with a sense of weightless elegance. The 2014s have this in spades. 

Stand Out Kabinett: 2014 Weiser-Künstler Ellergrub Kabinett

"This is another stunning collection by the Weiser-Künstler couple... the whole collection is a must buy." -Mosel Fine Wines Even though the estate was founded in 2005, it's now taken for granted that Weiser-Künstler is producing some of the top wines in the Mosel. They are mentioned in the same breath as the region's best and most established estates.

Tension-Filled, Pulsating With Minerality: 2013 Adam Dhroner "In der Sangerei" Feinherb & Dhroner Hofberg GG

Andreas Adam has the touch. It's as simple as that. Adam is still in his thirties, his first vintage was 2000, and he's wasted absolutely no time in becoming one of the best producers in the Mosel. 

Adam Goes Electric: 2013 Adam Dhron Hofberg Kabinett

Andreas Adam's 2013 Kabinett is easily one of the most electric and tension filled editions of this wine that we've tasted. It's exactly how we like it. 

2012 Adam Goldtropfchen GG -Tension and Explosiveness

Thirty-something A.J. Adam has wasted no time putting the esoteric Dhroner Hofberg on the map for modern wine drinkers. He's quickly become one of Germany's cult winemakers. 

A Doctoral Thesis of Slate - A.J. Adam Hofberg GG

"A Doctoral thesis of slate" -Terry Theise Young Andreas has wasted no time becoming one of Germany's top growers. He's only in his early thirties and for some time now he's been turning out some of the best wines in all of Germany. His Hofberg GG always stands as a monument to Adam's formidable skill. Every vintage it's one of our favorite German dry wines. 

Don't Miss Vintage
2012 A.J. Adam Hofberg Kabinett & Spatlese

A.J. Adam has become one of the Mosel's top producers. And his 2012 collection is stunning. Adam's 2012's are vividly mineral, fiercely energetic, sculpted and above all, pure. 

AJ Adam and Malevolence in the Mosel - 2011 Piesporter

The story of vandalism, malevolence and petty ego that led to Adam's Goldtröpchen GG being declassified into a simpler Piesporter Feinherb is hardly worth recounting. Especially as the single parcel that made it through is so pure, so elegant... so good. 

2011 Adam: Riesling in Ecstasy

The young A.J. Adam has quickly become one of Germany's most important growers. Beginning with less than a hectare of land about a decade ago in the off-the-beaten-track village of Dhron, his rise has been simply meteoric.

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