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Foillard Value:
2015 Foillard Morgon Classique

For many of us, Foillard is the master of Morgon. It's that simple.

Gamay in Silk:
2015 Foillard Morgon Corcelette

When Corcelette is on, it's one of the most beguiling bottles of Beaujolais around.

Magical Morgon, Magnum Edition
2015 Foillard Morgon Côte du Py Magnums

Last month, we offered Foillard's 2015 Côte du Py and the offer blew up. Today, we're happy to offer a very limited amount of magnums.

Morgon's Master in Fleurie:
2010 Foillard Fleurie

2010 remains one of our favorite vintages of Foillard's Fleurie. When we saw this parcel, we jumped on it.

Magical Morgon:
2015 Foillard Morgon Côte du Py

Each vintage, we amass as much of Foillard's Côte du Py as we can get. It's never enough.

Startling Agility: 2015 Metras Beaujolais

Yvon Métras' basic Beaujolais snuck up on us. In the right vintage, it can be one of our favorites of his wines.

Lapierre Rarity: 2015 Lapierre Morgon Cuvée Marcel Lapierre

The 2015 Beaujolais are difficult to find in quantity. When it comes to Cuvée Marcel, things are especially ugly. A mere trickle of Cuvée Marcel arrived in the U.S.  At any given time in the past six months, you'd only find a listing or two for the wine.

Fleurie In Unmediated Purity:
2013 Foillard Fleurie

Foillard captures the beauty and delicacy of Fleurie in a way that few others achieve. Foillard is famous for making some of the greatest examples of Morgon. Still, his much less available Fleurie stands dangerously close to being the Platonic ideal of Fleurie. 

Long-Haul Beaujolais, Magnum Edition:
2015 Roilette Fleurie Cuvee Tardive

In any vintage, Roilette's Cuvée Tardive is one of the most loved wines of Beaujolais. But there's no doubt the 2015 is special.

Rare Métras
2015 Métras Moulin-à-Vent VV

In 2006, Yvon Métras purchased a mere 0.6ha of Moulin-à-Vent. Across the board Métras is scarce, but the Moulin-à-Vent is painfully so. The 2015 was especially difficult to find in quantity. In Beaujolais, it was warm and dry, which, along with winds, decreased yields significantly. 

Côte du Py Lapierre Style:
2015 Lapierre Morgon Cuvée Camille

Côte du Py is Morgon's most famous vineyard, and one of Beaujolais' top sites. Naturally, when word got out that Lapierre was bottling a Côte du Py, we were very excited.

Long-Haul Beaujolais
2015 Clos de la Roilette Fleurie Cuvée Tardive

For Beaujolais fans, Roilette's Cuvée Tardive occupies a very special place. There are few bottles of Beaujolais that have the track record for aging, can deliver the incredible value and are as loved as Tardive. 

Painfully Rare, Extreme Fleurie:
2015 Métras Fleurie VV

Nailing down decent quantities of 2015 Métras has been an adventure. Métras is always difficult to find, but it's been incredibly difficult in 2015. Just to highlight the rarity, there are only two other listings for the Fleurie VV in the country.

"Just a superb Morgon" -
2015 Lapierre Morgon

Every vintage, we watch people stock up on Lapierre by the case. There are very few wines that are so loved and so consistently delicious. With that said, there are vintages of Lapierre that stand out. 2015 is one of them.

Rare Métras Magnums - 2015 Métras Fleurie VV & Moulin-a-Vent VV

Magnums of Métras are always hard to find. In 2015, it's really ugly. We're really happy to offer up this small parcel of Métras Fleurie VV and Moulin-à-Vent VV Magnums.

Irresistible Deliciousness: 2015 Dutraive Fleurie Chapelle Des Bois

Just over a week ago, we offered Dutraive's 2015 Grand'Cour VV. It sold out in a flash. Today, we turn to Dutraive's Chapelle Des Bois. Chapelle des Bois shows a very different dimension to Dutraive's style. Chapelle des Bois and Grand' Cour can be viewed as bookends. If Grand' Cour is "Fleurie with teeth" in its structure and power, Chapelle des Bois is more delicate and feminine.

Not To Be Slept On
Fleurie With Teeth: 2015 Dutraive Fleurie Grand'Cour VV

Jean-Louis Dutraive has firmly established himself as one of the top talents in Beaujolais. Six years ago, the wines were unheard of in the U.S. Now, buyers across the city are fighting for their allocation. 

Morgon's Master: 2014 Foillard Morgon Côte du Py

For the past six months, we've been amassing as much of Foillard's 2014 Côte du Py as we can get our hands on. Foillard is one of the undisputed great producers of Beaujolais and 2014 Beaujolais is easily one of the strongest vintages of the past decade. We're expecting a huge response to this offer. 

Long-Haul Beaujolais - Half-Bottle Edition:
2014 Roilette Fleurie Cuvee Tardive Half-Bottles

This parcel of half-bottles of Tardive was impossible to resist. Tardive has long been one of our core Beaujolais and 2014 is clearly an important vintage for the wine. 

2013 & 2014 Foillard Fleurie - Picture Perfect Fleurie

Foillard's Fleurie stands dangerously close to being the Platonic ideal of Fleurie. Foillard is famous for making some of the greatest examples of Morgon. The fact that he can turn out a Fleurie of such glorious typicity really highlights just how sensitive of a winemaker Foillard is. 

The Pinnacle of Py Returns:
2013 Foillard Morgon Cuvee 3.14

Jean Foillard is one of Beaujolais' greatest winemakers. And 3.14 is his magnum opus. 3.14 is one of Beaujolais' most legendary and rarest bottles. It has taken a lot of work to put this offer together. The wine is only made in special vintages and is always produced in very small quantities. 

Morgon Benchmarks in Magnum: 2014 Foillard & Lapierre

I'm going to keep this short. Foillard and Lapierre are Beaujolais benchmarks. In 2014, magnums of their wines are a "don't miss." It's obvious that word is out on 2014 Beaujolais. Every offer we send sells out quickly. 

Don't Miss Vintage for Morgon's Master:
2014 Foillard Morgon Corcelette

We've been waiting to get our hands on Foillard's 2014s for a long time. Our thoughts turned to Foillard the moment it became clear that 2014 Beaujolais was a great vintage. For decades, Foillard has turned out some of the best Beaujolais around.  

Morgon's Master Revisited
2012 Foillard Morgon Cote du Py

Foillard is a master of Morgon and for us, it's unthinkable not to clear some cellar space each vintage. When we see a parcel priced like this one, we jump on it. 

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